Tuesday, January 3, 2012

From Haiti with Love

On January 12, 2010, a catastrophic earthquake hit Haiti killing more than 200,000 people.  Those were the lives of people that once were a brother, a sister, a husband, a wife, a mother, a father, a son, or a daughter...  Now their bodies laid to rest in a mass grave, St. Christophe, located north of the capital of Port-au-Prince.  Last year during the first anniversary of the quake, workers laid hundreds of crosses on this site.  I came to visit this site on Sunday. The white gravel covering the ground last year diminished to a few and the once upright crosses now set down on the ground.  However, the memories still undiminished in the minds of all Haitians as we commemorate its second anniversary in a few days.

While in Haiti I visited several orphanages with The Global Orphan Project, a Kansas City based ministry that rescues and ministers to the heart of orphans.  We stayed in the city of Croix des Bouquet, about 15 miles east of PAP airport.  In an orphanage adjacent to our hotel, Jumecourt Inn, lives about 90 children, each with amazing stories of redemption.

One story is about a remarkable young woman named Renise.  By age 12, she was sold to slavery, raped violently by two men, and thrown in the streets when her owners learned she was pregnant.  In the devastation of the earthquake, a woman named Carol found her crying amidst the rubble.  Carol took her to UNICEF and they lead her to the team at GOP, who took her in and cared for her and the baby.

I met Renise and her baby, Kimberly, who is now 1 year old.  They're both in the care of GOP living at Source de la Grace Jumecourt.  The complex includes a school, a cafeteria, a church, a sewing center, and several children's homes.  Each home has a Mamma and 10-12 children. Kimberly is a healthy, happy baby girl with attitude.  I guess you need to be when you're the youngest one there and you have over 90 brothers and sisters picking on you daily.

To read Renise and Kimberly's full story, you can click here.

Every child has a story and needs your help.  Please visit The Global Orphan Project and check out what you can do: http://theglobalorphanproject.org/villages/villages-list/the-go-fund/.  Pray for what they are  doing in Haiti.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

World AIDS Orphans Day - May 7th!

Created in 2002, World AIDS Orphans Day came to surface to draw attention to the 20 million children affected by the AIDS epidemic.  They want people to be aware, rise up, and help those that are victimized by this disease.  It was founded by FXB International when activitist held sign on Wall Street noting, "What is the value of an orphan on the NY Stock Exchange?"
Since then, thousands of people, organizations, and government officials from all over the world have come together to advocate for these children. 

They need not only financial support, but people to raise their voices so that those drowning in silence will be heard. 

"Your voice is their future!"

To donate or for more information, click here:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Once orphaned. Now serves orphans.

Memory said: “When I was orphaned someone paid for my fees so I could go to school and helped me survive. I now want to help children like me. I am a living testimony that this works.”

Memory Mafuta was once an orphan herself. She was born in Zimbabwe and lost her mother and father at a young age. But through the sponsorship of a charitable organization, she was able to go to school. She is now 39 years old, living in the UK with her husband and three children. She is also the director of a charity: Orphanage Care Support Unit. She hopes to bring yellow to the orphans of Zimbabwe by providing them medical aid including supplies and medication to help cure illnesses and diseases that kill so many every year.

Medical donations have been sent from American Universities and even, John Hopkin University has agreed to setup a free clinic in a Zimbabwe village. But these donations are piling up and they need about $3000-4500 to get them shipped to villages. Memory hopes to send three or four shipments a year to supply the demands there.

To get more information about this organization or to see how you can help, contact Memory at memmafuta@yahoo.co.uk.

Memory has proven that charities and donations do bring yellow. It was brought to her many years ago. Now, she is bringing yellow to others. You can also do the same. Bring yellow to a child like Memory.

Let’s hope that these stories of survival never stop. And continue to circle back... again, and again, and AGAIN!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother, Mother, Mother!

I grew up in a household with many mothers. There was my biological mother. There was my grandmother. And there were aunts. Sometimes, even my grandpa. They all filled some motherly role during the course of my childhood. I was pretty lucky!

Webster defines mother as “one with maternal tenderness or affection.”

The AIDS epidemic has expanded this term to cover a multitude of meaning: an aunt, a sibling, male or female, young or old… the list can be endless. But not everyone is lucky enough to have an extended family member care for them. Most AIDS orphans become homeless or exploited into child labor, prostitution, or children soldiering.

It is estimated that 20 million children worldwide are orphaned due to the AIDS epidemic.

Approximately 11.6 million live in sub-Saharan Africa.

2.2 million are HIV positive.

500,000 children were infected with AIDS this year alone.

AHOPE for Children is a non-profit organization serving to bring better lives to the AIDS orphans of Ethiopia. They provide these children with a home, education, health care, and tools to live a full life of value. They have started a Text2Give campaign. "We ask for your support in our Text2Give drive. With just a few taps of your finger, you can make a huge difference in the quality of life for these at-risk children," said Tom Starko, Executive Director of AHOPE for Children.

To give, text "AHOPE" to "85944." You will receive a message asking you to confirm. Please reply "YES" to process your donation. Your carrier will add $10 to your next phone bill.

It's so easy!  Pass this along to all your friends.

They have saved hundreds of children and hope to raise more support to rescue 2 million more! 

Be part of yellow...  It's only a text away! 

Friday, April 30, 2010

Rise Up: Answer the Call!

Redeeming Silent Souls - Conference Trailer from Joseph Horsefjord on Vimeo.

I want to share this video with everyone. It reiterates the orphan needs out there and prompts churches to rise up. Rise up and answer the call of the orphans. A statistic they emphasized: 300,000 Christian churches in the US today and “if 7% of 2.1 billion Christians would help an orphan, there would be no MORE ORPHANS!”

But why stop there? Yes, the Bible commands Christians to care for orphans in their distress. And certainly, we need to rise up. But this need is beyond religion, and beyond race… how many more can rise up for this cause! Anyone can make a difference. Anyone can bring yellow…

Did you know that in the United States alone…

- An estimated 6.7 million U.S households in 2008 holds a net worth of at least $1 million or more
- On average, a person has $34,000 in disposable income each year
- The median household income is approximately $50,000

Imagine if each household were to give just $1 to the orphan cause, what a difference that can make!

A dollar from each millionaire = $6.7 million!!

If 50% of the U.S. population were to give $1 to the orphan cause, that would be $150 million! Your dollar can go a long way.

So I urge everyone. It doesn’t take much. Just a small step. I challenge you.

Take that small step.

And let it spiral around to everyone else you know.

Let’s all get caught up in the spread of YELLOW!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kay Angel: Let's (re)build an Orphanage!

There is a place where they house angels. The home is called Kay Angel (in creole meaning,“Angel House”). They tell a story of survival. Approximately 225,000 children are slaves in Haiti. Some are as young as 5 years old --- forced to work in order to survive.

But 13 found yellow in 2007. Through the philanthropic work of Martin Schmitt and his wife Sue, they built a house that shelters these little angels on the coastal shore of Jacmel. Some of them went to the local kindergarten, others to a school for handicap, and others more had a private tutor. But since the Haiti earthquake, these 3 facilities were destroyed --- the orphanage also destroyed! Fortunately, the 13 children and Kay Angel staff survived. Now, they live in tents.

A new campaign has set in: “Let’s (re)build an orphanage!” Paint yellow into the lives of 13 angels...


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

China's Quake Orphans Start New School Life

Orphans pose for a group photo at Yushu Airport before departing for Xining April 26, 2010. Some 21 orphans from the Welfare Garden of Yushu County are sent to Xining, capital of northwest China's Qinghai Province, on Monday. They will start schooling here with the financial help of the local government. The houses of the Welfare Garden of Yushu County were destroyed by the 7.1-magnitude quake which hit Yushu, Qinghai, on April 14. (Xinhua/Tao Ming)